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Call me Aina
United States
Since most tend to generally not read this.


I collect Ecchi/Non ecchi art of my OCs here. :3 I'm a very friendly person and if you want to be friends we can. :3

My OCs:
AinaCat AinaCat Reference Sheet by AinaTheSmall AinaCat - The Poisonous Kitty (Young) by AinaTheSmall AinaCat (Older) by AinaTheSmall AinaCat by MrBowater by AinaTheSmall AinaCat by Akihiro94 Colored version by AinaTheSmall Aina Cat by Dipdoodle by AinaTheSmall Showoff By Mrbowater by AinaTheSmall A small taste of AinaSquid by AinaTheSmall Birthday - Oct 22nd
Filia Erratus Filia Reference Sheet By Mangostaa by AinaTheSmall Filia Erratus - Succubus form by AinaTheSmall Filia Erratus Final Design by Artemisumi by AinaTheSmall Request : Filia by tasselcat Filia Erratus By Mangostaa by AinaTheSmall BirthDay - Nov 11th
Hildeguard HildeGuard by AinaTheSmall HildeGuard Flight Mode by AinaTheSmall Birthday - Dec 1st
Nejoko Yukio Nejoko's bust enhancement formula by Nonoririn by AinaTheSmall Nejoko Yukio by Akihiro94 by AinaTheSmall Nejoko Yukio redesign by AinaTheSmall Nejoko at Novae beach by AinaTheSmall Birthday - December 11th
Meldra Erratus Meldra Erratus - Imperial Revered High Queen by AinaTheSmall Meldra Erratus Backside Colored by AinaTheSmall Meldra Erratus Final Design by Artemisumi by AinaTheSmall
Meldra Erratus by Dr Zexxck by AinaTheSmall Meldra Erratus By Sentrythe2310 by AinaTheSmall Birthday - Janurary 4th
Gray Sinecolore Gray Sinecolore by AinaTheSmall Gray Sinecolore - Colorblind is an understatement by AinaTheSmall Gray Sinecolore by Akihiro94 by AinaTheSmall Gray and Lola By Lufidelis by AinaTheSmall Birthday - January 8th
Calista Mihal Calista Mihal - One of time's many hands by AinaTheSmall Calista Mihal Sketch by Akihiro94 by AinaTheSmall Birthday - January - 17th
Ingrid Garnett Ingrid Garnett - Her chamber's always loaded by AinaTheSmall How Ingrid Sleeps by Nonoririn by AinaTheSmall Birthday - February 8th
Azamiah Rose Amaziah Rose - If looks could kill by AinaTheSmall Azamiah Rose by DrZexxck by AinaTheSmall The last thing you'll see, by Rhemora by AinaTheSmallRosey Cheeks By Sentrythe2310 by AinaTheSmall Birthday - June 10th
Kaia Strauss Kaia Strauss - The Misfortune Teller By Dipdoodle by AinaTheSmall Birthday - Nov 22nd

Vaile Valmitus Vaile  Valmitus ~ The Former Succubus Queen by AinaTheSmall

Bo', String, and Aero:

Bo', String, and Aero By Dipdoodle by AinaTheSmall BSA Color by Bocodamondo by AinaTheSmall

Deviant ID by :icondipdoodle:
Icon by :iconds-djinn:

AinaCherries Collected:
My new icon by AinaTheSmall AinaCat by HeadlessHatter by AinaTheSmall AinaCherries by Dipdoodle by AinaTheSmall AinaCherries Hi-Res By DS-Djinn by AinaTheSmall Aina cherries  by asdronin A little more dessert by TheReigndeer by AinaTheSmall

Aina cherries  by asdronin Ei Kos Black Cherry! by SlimJak Ainacat Cherries  sketch by War-Off-Evil Kaia Strauss by Cicada-Media


Vaile Valmitus is one of the most feared succubi that reigns over the red continent. She rules with an iron fist, and she spares no quarter to any humans she encounters. At least that's what the rumors are, but in reality, she is far different than what a human would ever imagine. Being the only succubus to not only master magic at an early stage of her life, but combat as well, Vaile is one of the most formidable succubi to ever rule over the red continent. Her many skills brought her up in the succubus ranks, until she finally managed to challenge the former queen of the previous era to a duel, and struck her down. Sparing her life, Vaile decided to take up the throne and started her rule for the next fifty thousand years. Yet, the number of human deaths had not increased, but had diminished over the years. Vaile was actually unlike many of her kin. She was a tame and gentle succubus, who didn't kill any of the humans she fed upon. Leading by example, she convinced quite a few others to also follow this example she had set forth. However not all succubi agreed on this notion. One in particular began as an upstart who was born on the same day Vaile was. She had malicious intent and sought out to rid the red continent of it's weak leader, yet she knew she couldn't do so own her own. It began on that day; that blonde haired succubus' plan to overthrow the queen...
Vaile ~ The Begining
Part one of the backstory to Vaile Valmitus
Filia Erratus By Mangostaa by AinaTheSmall
Filia Erratus By Mangostaa
Filia's full succubus transform in detail. Art and color by :iconmangostaa:

Sorry about the spelling errors, i think she forgot to correct it. 
My Majin On Xenoverse (screenshot) by AinaTheSmall
My Majin On Xenoverse (screenshot)
I'm sure DA has been flooded with these recently, but here is my Majin on Xenoverse.
have a good one!

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